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‚ Do You Need One? Advice (2)"> Lawyer Do You Need One? Advice (2)

Now that you are aware of the time limitations to file your claim or your lawsuit‚ you should look at the alternatives to full-blown litigation. We previously discussed the use of administrative agencies when possible as well as other consumer groups‚ but once those are exhausted‚ the next level is to see what action you can take on your own. A very common and often forgotten action is the Small Claims Court or People’s Court as it is often called. In most states‚ this court system allows non-attorneys follow simple procedures to file the civil litigation needed to resolve a dispute.


‚ Do You Need One? Advice (1)"> Lawyer Do You Need One? Advice (1)

Even though lawyers do a good job in keeping people out of trouble and helping those in trouble‚ there are many times when you do not need a lawyer. Civil litigation is expensive and when there are problems‚ people are willing to spend the money not realizing that later on they will be sorry they did. Some unscrupulous attorneys say: “take the money up front when the tears are dropping.” They do tell their clients that there is a way to resolve the issue and for you to get even so the client gets all exited and pays the fee asked


Latinos in the Central and West v. Latinos in the East – Differences and Immigration Reform

The politics driving the immigration reform issues and other Latino issues are misunderstood by many well-meaning Latinos and others not realizing that we have different backgrounds and needs. Most of the Central and Western States have a large majority of Latinos of Mexican and Central American descent with a sizable number of South Americans. On the other hand‚ the majority of the Latinos in the Eastern States are either Puerto Ricans‚ Dominicans in the North-East and then Cubans‚ Venezuelans and other South Americans in the South-East. It is important to recognize that the Puerto Ricans are not immigrants; they are U.S.