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’s Ugly Reality of The Economy"> Hispanics Should Learn The Truth of Todays Ugly Reality of The Economy

For quite a long time‚ the Hispanics and many in the Hispanic media have been favoring the Democrats alleging that such party represents the ideals of the Latinos. If we look at the real history and facts the truth is otherwise. Those who propose such favoritism are assuming that the Hispanics are waiting for handouts from the government as it is done in many Latino countries where corruption is very high. They do not realize that the majority of Hispanics just want to opportunity to work hard‚ earn a decent income¬†through work or through small businesses. For this cycle of


Immigration Law and Politics – Why we need Latino Republicans

It is clear now with the announcement of a one of the major candidates for the Republican nomination‚ Newt Gingrich‚ that the issue of immigration reform must be looked at without extremist labels and positions. Yes‚ we need immigration reform and such reform should include a way for honest and hard-working individuals who have been in the country for some time to be able to adjust their status without having to wait many years as the system now provides. The Republicans have through the years supported immigration reform and have in fact passed legislation to accomplish such a goal. In


Latinos Registering Republican Why? – Second

Viewing the previous blog of Hispanics Registering Republican for 201’ and comments‚ it is interesting how highly educated people fall into to the assumption that the only source of information is by reading the media reports and looking at the polls conducted in college campuses and other high education places as well as the established Hispanics networks that are controlled by Democrats. Yes‚ they are well intended‚ but fail to go to the barrios and talk to the working middle class¬†and those struggling to make a living working. You need to talk to those who do not have college degrees