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’ Republican Platform"> Hispanics Opportunity to Support and Be Recognized in the 201 Republican Platform

Now that the primaries are over and the political parties are preparing for the November election‚ it is time for us the Hispanic population to join the party who represents our goals and to work with Mitt Romney so he can properly address and support our agenda. Yes‚ there is opportunity for us to join and participate with those politicians who are true to their believes and do not lie to us in order to get our votes. Like during the Reagan years‚ the Hispanics who joined the Reagan agenda were able to prove to the country that we also


Class Warfare – The Major Theme of the Obama Administration

We‚ the Hispanic population of our great country of the United States of America‚ are being bombarded with the Democratic campaign machinery pushing for what they call the Buffet Rule. It is a fact that many of the Latinos are in the blue-collar environment and the low-end of the middle class. But we do have enough educated people in our organizations (news media‚ professional‚ student‚ political‚ and the general public) to know better than to accept such false propaganda. Every report analyzing the so-called Buffet Rule is consistent that such a law and tax will not make any impact on the economic imbalance of the country


‚ promises and nothing but promises again"> Immigration Reform – Promises promises and nothing but promises again

Reading the news this morning regarding President Obama’s visit to Colombia and his again promising to handle immigration reform reminds me of the continuing promises and the failure to do anything for the voting Hispanics who want the immigration reform. It has been a ploy used by the Democrats to try to demonize the Republicans related to such an issue of immigration reform. They use the Hispanic Media to promote such demonizing and fail to convey the truth that Republicans are not against reform of our outdated immigration system. We‚ Republicans as well as most Hispanics‚ want to protect our border


’ Elections"> Social Security – Medicare v. Medical & 201 Elections

Whenever we see the articles in the Media regarding how to resolve the outrageous expenditures of the Federal Government by those who believe the government should control our way of life‚ we see the fact‚ and quite often ignorance‚ of the different government programs. As a reminder to all‚ Social Security and Medicare are paid for by the American worker in order to protect their retirement and well-being after retirement. Medical is a welfare program to provide health coverage for those who do not or cannot provide their own through work. Unfortunately‚ the Medical programs have been abused and continue to


Hispanos For Romney for President – Our Benefit

Now that the Republican party has settled on Mitt Romney for President‚ we need to analyze and support such effort. Here are the advantages that we will have by joining the campaign‚ registering Latinos Republicans and helping the country get back into what brought us here. We‚ Hispanics in the United States‚ do have different backgrounds and needs as previously explained (see prior blogs as to our differences). We have become the largest so-called “minority” group in the country and still find that many believe we can only work in the fields and or clean houses. They continue to ask


Latinos – Republicanos – Porque Nos Beneficiamos

Hace mucho tiempo que los Hispanos en los Estados Unidos han reconocido que el partido Republicano representa las mismas costumbres de nuestra gente: union familiar‚ creencias religiosas‚ trabajar duro para mejorar nuestras familias‚ promover negocios pequeños para nuestra independencia economica‚ evitar ser catalogado como incapacitados de sobrevivir sin ayuda del gobierno‚ y muchas otras de nuestras filosofias y costumbres. Aunque la propaganda de los Democratas es de hacernos creer que todos los Republicanos son millonarios‚ esto no es la verdad; hay tantos millonarios en el partido Democrata como en el Republicano. Ser millonario es una abilidad que todos deseamos; cierto‚ la


Latinos – Hispanics Should Join the Republican Party – Why

It has been sometime since anyone has seen the reality that the Hispanics have faired better with the Republicans than with the Democrats. It is a fact of our history that the major legislation helping Hispanics have been promoted and passed by Republicans like Reagan. Republicans have been in favor of a comprehenside modification of our Immigration law in order to facilitate becoming a legal resident and to protect our borders. Unfortunately‚ the propaganda machine of the Democrats is to blindly accuse the Republicans to be anti Latino when the truth if far from such argument. Another major basis for the