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Hispanics for Romney Our Goal

Now that the campaign for the presidency is underway‚ we‚ the Latinos – Hispanics have an obligation to support the candidate that can facilitate our goals‚ not just make promises. It is evident that the history of the Obama administration shows that he is what some call a chameleon. When he talks to the red‚ he is red; when he talks to the yellow‚ he is yellow; when he talks to the green‚ he is green. Disguise his true agenda and fool the people who believe him has been the pattern of his administration; such pattern has been denounced by


Hispanics Viva Romney Campaign – 2012

HISPANICSĀ “VIVA” ROMNEY CAMPAIGN It is time for Hispanics to unite behind the Republican candidate Mitt Romney and support his campaign that will bring a comprehensive plan to reduce the outrageous debt and provide the needed jobs for the middle class. It is very clear that Governor Romney does listen to those who support him and provide ideas and proposals. He is well-known for his ability to listen and understand the needs of his supporters. The majority of his supporters are hard-working Americans‚ small businesses‚ as well as the Latino population that embraces the same goals. We all have the same