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Monthly Archives: March 2013



There is quite a controversy regarding what some people and news media call Chavez in Venezuela “a giant for the poor.” Most people today do not read back into the history of the world related to socialism‚ communism and democracy-capitalistic system. It is all related to philosophy and a very old saying that most people do not understand: “If a poor man ask you for fish‚ do not just give him the fish‚ but show him how to fish.” This is the basic difference between those who believe in some form of socialism and those who believe in a true democracy. Socialists



Looking at the reports of the general agreement among Republicans and Democrat senators for a comprehensive immigration package‚ we see that there is lots of work to achieve such legislation.  It will benefit many of the illegal aliens in the country‚ but it will not be an easy process for them. The requirements to acquire legal status will be long and expensive‚ but it will be worth it for many who cannot qualify by other means. Here are the main parts of such model proposal as it relates to the illegal aliens: 1. They must demonstrate how long they have been