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Monthly Archives: June 2013


Saga and Tribulations of a Cuban Refugee – Short true story e-book

I am almost finished on the first short true story of the saga of the Cubans begining on the 1950’s. It will be publish very soon at a very reasonable price (probably through Amazon). It is called “Saga and Tribulations of a Cuban Refugee.”


Republicans Our Reality and Immigration Reform

We are very proud of being Republicans and the platform of our party that has through history been the party in inclusiveness regardless of race. Looking back in history from the termination of slavery‚ through the Civil Rights Laws promoted and passed by Republicans during the 50’s‚ the passing of immigration reform during President Reagan‚ and finally with the effort by the Republicans to pass legislation in 2007 during the Bush administration gives a clear indication that we are a party of hard-working people‚ small business people and those who believe in the Constitution and racial equality. Unfortunately‚ the Democrats