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Employed versus Self Employed – Information

Most foreigners are not familiar with our social systems of protection for the employees and the benefits automatically given to them. Others (typically from the Middle East and Russia)‚ come to this country to abuse some of those systems. Those employed are obligated to make contributions from payroll as follows: Social Security –  Employers pay half and employee pays  the other half (a percent of payroll). Self employed must pay the full amount into Social Security. It is a percent of gross salary that is paid into the system. State Disability – Unemployment –  This is paid by employees and after


SOCIAL SECURITY – Information and Understanding

Social Security has been in the news often during political debates and the election cycle. Many‚ including politicians‚ do not understand it well. The following is a brief explanation with emphasis on those new to the country who do not understand its benefit: Social Security is received (in most cases) only if you make contributions to the Social Security through employment deductions from payroll (employer pays half) or in case of self employed individuals by direct contribution (full amount). You must make contributions to be able to use it. In most cases you must pay into it for the last 10 years