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MEXICAN DRUG WAR Part II – Mexico Has Two Governments in Action

Presently‚ Mexico has two governments acting in the Federal‚ State and Municipal levels. One is the long established government with all the corruption that has plagued the country since its birth. The second one is the underground government of the Cartels that control many municipalities‚ state governments and even federal agencies in combination with the corrupted officials. I‚ as a USA raised Hispanic (some call me Gringo)‚ normally compare these governments with our philosophy and learnings in the United States of America. It is my believe that the differences are based on how the Hispanic countries were colonized and how the United States of


Mexican Drug War – Reality Check Part I (Eye witness account – El Chapo Guzman Capture)

While expending almost one month in Sinaloa and being just six blocks away from the firefight that took el Chapo Guzman prisoner by the Mexican Navy Marines‚ I decided to explore more details of the facts and real life in this part of Mexico that is the heart of the Sinaloa cartel. I will break this article in several parts. The local understanding in Los Mochis‚ Sinaloa‚ where we arenow‚ and where el Chapo was arrested is different that what is portrayed by the Mexican president. The actual facts that we witnessed and details of the arrest clearly indicates that is was a