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A have already run into several cases of financial fraud where the Latino business people are the victims. With the increase in taxation and sometimes extreme financial measures being taken by many Latino countries‚ those who work hard on their businesses are normally looking for ways to reduce their tax liability or to protect their assets. It is clear that monetary policies are affecting many countries where their currency has lost value compared to the dollar. Based on those founded fears‚ these business people are being prayed by unethical bank and financial officials who work with established financial firms. Most



Unfortunately‚ we are approaching an election cycle where the apparent choices for both parties are the worst of many years. On the Democratic side‚ a pathological liar and money hungry lady‚ Hillary Clinton‚ is trying to buy her way into the presidency. She is the typical chameleon politician who changes her opinion according to the listeners. She is the poorest choice any party can have‚ but she is backed by millionaires and Walls Street executives due to her pre-disposition to be easily bought. History cannot deny her actions. On the Republican side‚ an ignorant bully‚ called Donald Trump‚ is playing


’s Debt Affecting All US Taxpayers"> Real History of Puerto Ricos Debt Affecting All US Taxpayers

Now‚ after Puerto Rico failed to pay its bond debts‚ the truth of the failed socialistic systems come to be seen. Wikipedia has an excellent article regarding the details of such debt and the fact that over 60% of the Portorriqueños are on welfare Medicaid or retired under Medicare. This article in Wikipedia did not include the history of such facts when the Roosevelt administration named a socialist who followed the Russian communist society example as governor. In fact‚ they created a system that would provide the citizens a permanent welfare state like the failed Russian communist society. Unfortunately‚ the


Immigration Problem in the U.S.A. Mexican Border – Summer 2014

We are having a severe problem in the Mexican border of the United States of America due to the large influx of illegal children and parents coming in to be able to receive the benefits of our society and claiming that it is only due to the criminality in their own country. It is creating a major problem within the border states as well as states where the Obama administration has allowed to receive these poor and often sick people. On the other hand‚ many claim that humanitarian efforts should allow them to stay and be helped. Yes‚ we want


Respect for Your Citizenship – Comparing Different Views

Through the years I have seen a fervent nationalistic belief by Mexicans‚ Argentinians‚ Peruvians and many other Hispanic citizens of their heritage and history even though they admit to the failures of their governments. Unfortunately‚ many of them criticize those like me who were born in a Hispanic country‚ but became citizens of the United States of America. We are called “gringos” and often criticized for our beliefs and our defense of our naturalized country. Yes‚ we are proud to be “Americans” the same way you are proud to be from your respective countries. We respect your nationalism and we like it. You