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Monthly Archives: October 2017



We are now getting information and propaganda in the news. Manafort¬† and other people being prosecuted for tax evasion and Russian – Ukrainian money laundering. At this point‚ I am looking forward to prosecution of those who violated the law. On the other hand‚ the facts are always twisted and opinions are inserted trying to place the emphasis on the Trump campaign. So far‚ I have not seen any factual basis that associate the violation of the law with the Trump campaign. Again‚ the main media creating a frontal attack on a president that they do not like. In my


Drug Legal Cartels – Beware

When you have a combination of hungry executives and hungry sales force‚ it is trouble for the consumer and the country. The pharmaceutical industry that has always been in the vanguard of creating life savings drugs‚ has now fallen into the hands of those hungry administrators and the executives selling them through their staff. Recently‚ we are finding out how politicians and former pharmaceutical executives have fallen into the greed of becoming wealthy regardless of the resulting drug addiction being created through the health industry‚ mostly through doctors and hospitals. Most opioids causing an epidemic addiction problem have been prescribed