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Joaquin Alfredo Sosa

Joaquin A. Sosa has represented employees for injuries labor law as well as other civil cases since 1975. Most of his clients through the years have been Hispanics. He also worked defense for a few years representing government organizations and major employers like the Southern California Rapid Transit District The Los Angeles Unified School District Pacific Bell the City of Azusa Toyota Corporation as well as many Latino business owners in the United States and from other Latin-American countries.

Joaquin has lived most of his life in the West Coast but has also lived several years in the East Coast and he is familiar with the politics related to Latinos which is different from East to West.

He has provided pro-bono (free work) through the years at the following organizations:

  • Santa Martha Hospital Foundation – director for 14 years.
  • Neighborhood Legal Services – director for 10 years and President of the Board for 2 years years.
  • State Bar Minority Bar Section.
  • PICO – Board Member.
  • Secretary for the Hispanics for Reagan Campaign 1979-1980.
  • Workers Compensation Bar.
  • Free legal advice to clients.
  • San Fernando Valley Bar Association Board Member.
  • Arbitrator/Judge for the American Arbitration Association.
  • Speaker at schools and universities for Hispanic Americans.

The majority of the practice of law and other areas have been related to Latino or Hispanic Americans in State Courts Federal Courts and Administrative Agencies.