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Just looking at the news today makes me feel uneasy and unhappy to see how the “socialist revolution” in Venezuela is taking the country into economic disaster and following the steps of Cuba as well as many European countries. They are creating another monarchy where just a few live well while the rest of the country struggles to survive. History has proven that countries who have embraced that kind of socialism have become a paradise for those in power by creating hate against those people who make countries grow economically. Small businesses do create jobs and create competition that is


Are Politicians Getting Worse than Before? Is the Social Media Helping?

Sometimes we wonder if the politicians are getting worse than years back and whether the “Chicago style” corruption is permeating our political arena everywhere. We see the present news about the candidate for Mayor of New York and the actual Mayor of San Diego who are both proven sexual deviates either trying to be elected with a blind support group or trying to hold on to power. Maybe I am being naive and it has always happened, but now, the open and fast communications through electronic media we find out more details than before and also faster than before. There is


Proteccion de Cuentas en Bancos en U.S.A. – Migracion

Ya llevamos dos años protegiendo aquellos que quieren proteger su dinero en los EEUU (o abrir cuentas nuevas) con el proceso legal de establecer empresas en los EEUU para tener el dinero depositado alla. Para informacion gratis, escribir a  jasosa@bellsouth.net Con la apertura de dichas empresas se evita la necesidad de depositar el dinero en los bancos a nombre de individuos los cuales se registran como extranjeros y dichos depositos son reportados por el I.R.S. a las agencias de impuestos de los paises originales (por ejemplo, Hacienda en Mexico). Despues de abrir dichas entidades legalmente y siendo residentes del estado donde se abren, los depositos son hechos a dichas empresas las cuales son manejadas exclusivamente por los dueños de las cuentas bancarias. Las cuentas abiertas en EEUU estan protegidas por el seguro Federal de proteccion a depositantes y por la Constitucion Americana que es la mejor proteccion el deposito puede tener. No son afectadas por cambios de gobiernos ni acosadas por entidades que estan plagadas con funcionarios corruptos buscando ”mordidas.” Tambien, despues de establecida la entidad comercial, se puede utilizar para emigrar a


Saga and Tribulations of a Cuban Refugee – Short true story e-book

I am almost finished on the first short true story of the saga of the Cubans begining on the 1950′s. It will be publish very soon at a very reasonable price (probably through Amazon). It is called “Saga and Tribulations of a Cuban Refugee.”


Republicans Our Reality and Immigration Reform

We are very proud of being Republicans and the platform of our party that has through history been the party in inclusiveness regardless of race. Looking back in history from the termination of slavery, through the Civil Rights Laws promoted and passed by Republicans during the 50′s, the passing of immigration reform during President Reagan, and finally with the effort by the Republicans to pass legislation in 2007 during the Bush administration gives a clear indication that we are a party of hard-working people, small business people and those who believe in the Constitution and racial equality. Unfortunately, the Democrats



There is quite a controversy regarding what some people and news media call Chavez in Venezuela “a giant for the poor.” Most people today do not read back into the history of the world related to socialism, communism and democracy-capitalistic system. It is all related to philosophy and a very old saying that most people do not understand: “If a poor man ask you for fish, do not just give him the fish, but show him how to fish.” This is the basic difference between those who believe in some form of socialism and those who believe in a true democracy. Socialists



Looking at the reports of the general agreement among Republicans and Democrat senators for a comprehensive immigration package, we see that there is lots of work to achieve such legislation.  It will benefit many of the illegal aliens in the country, but it will not be an easy process for them. The requirements to acquire legal status will be long and expensive, but it will be worth it for many who cannot qualify by other means. Here are the main parts of such model proposal as it relates to the illegal aliens: 1. They must demonstrate how long they have been


VENEZUELA – Venezuelans Being Fooled Again by Chavez’ Regime

Recently, I received a post from a very good friend that was written by another Venezuelan. It was inspiring to see that the psychological warfare used by the Chavez regime is being challenged by the intellectuals in Venezuela. On the other hand, the general masses do not see such an attack as it is part of their strategy. They use fear and class warfare in order to excite those in the lower levels of society to hate those who work hard to achieve their goals. Free handouts and the philosophy of “take from the rich and give to the poor” is used


Hispanic and Republican – Marco Rubio

After watching both the Spanish and the English replies to Obama’s State of the Union by Senator Marco Rubio in behalf of the Republican party, we should be happy to see that we do have a Senator who understands the needs of the country and also the need for immigration reform. Watching the content of such speeches, I saw a man who understands the middle class and the working people who provide most of the jobs in the country. These are the values of the Republican party that the extremists on the left do not want the general public to



Again, the Republicans are supporting immigration reform that includes legalization of millions of illegal aliens in the country. Senators McCain and Rubio are strong supporters of such laws. If we look at the history of immigration reform for the last few years, it was President Bush and Senator McCain who endorsed and tried to pass reform in 2007. Unfortunately, at that time the sentiment was against it and it did not get anywhere. Democrats did not support it to avoid going against the unions just before the 2008 elections and Republicans were busy blaming the illegals on most of the