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Boycotting and Sabottaging Republicans – Old Communists Actions Repeating

What is going on today is so similar to the actions the 1950s Communist Youth and Communist Women organizations did during the cold war in the 1950s that reminds me of my experiences in Cuba.

Organizations attacking town hall meetings by a few Republicans who are being targeted are using the same tactics. They bring saboteurs to those meetings so they can boo and yell and not allow speakers to speak. It is not democracy with real questions and responses; it is a major attack to those local politicians being targeted.

I would suggest to those who will be doing town hall style meetings to guarantee attendance and entrance to those meetings to the people whom they represent and not allow outsiders saboteurs to control the meetings. Registration with I.D. demonstrating their address should be done at the doors. Outsiders who come to disrupt should not be allowed.

It was admitted by these saboteur organizations that they are using the media to attract those professional saboteurs to attend thus disrupting the actual exchange of ideas and opinions.

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