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CANNABIS – POT – MARYJANE – Medical Uses and Research

Recent medical research of the plant called cannabis (marijuana) is bringing information on the different elements of such plant that are beneficial to the patients. Such research is being done in many countries and it will eventually lead to changes on the law for the production and distribution of such derived products.

We at JAS.LAW LLC and Sosa and Associates have been researching the corresponding laws in different states in U.S.A. Such studies demonstrate that there still is plenty of fear related to the business models to grow and distribute the plant legally. The fear is based on the fact that most regulations and laws are passed and do provide easy prosecution of those involved. State governments approving such businesses have to deal with the fact that a large percent of the population have only seen the damages of addiction and the results in criminal behavior.

For instance in California the state law regulating the industry allows local governments (municipalities and counties) to add additional regulations. With such approach what you do in one city legally it is illegal and subject to prosecution when you go a few blocks away to another jurisdiction.

It is good that the public is being educated as to the different elements of the cannabis plant and its effects both medically and for recreational use. With more education the politicians are able to pass reasonable regulations for the growth and distribution of such legal products.

Setting such business legally is like going through a mine field and dangerous unless proper legal support is taken.

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