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It is a shame that many Latino‚ specially Mexicans‚ who come legally (or illegally and became legal) to the United States of America and continue to use the same approach of surviving as they did in their countries. Selling tacos‚ selling pots‚ selling anything that brings very little money and it is never enough to support themselves. They miss the real world that the U.S.A. is a country well protected for the workers. Working for any company (called corporate world or any other name) does provide the needed benefits for a life that allows a working person to buy a



Do tax plans pay taxes? Most insurance sales people (including the licensing board in California) say no for certain plans. Unfortunately‚ such information is misguided as all income of any kind eventually has to be reported as income and pay taxes accordingly. The Roth plans are normally bought with after tax money and set up so no taxes are paid due to the fact that the money to buy the plan was already reported and paid taxes. BUT – BUT what everyone believes of not being part of your reporting of income‚ it is not quite so. The insurance industry


‚ Castro Stalin and other Dictators"> Hate – Hate Being Promoted by Extremists Following Hitler Castro Stalin and other Dictators

We have seen a major main media attack on the Trump administration. All he is doing is being attacked. Even though many of us do not like him‚ he was chosen as our president by the working class of America and we must disagree‚ but respect him. We have seen a major attack on the rights of liberals to express their opinion as well as the right of conservatives to do likewise. Propaganda machines established by the main media with whatever method they use. A year ago‚ all the advertising for what people can get from the government was labelled:


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Privatization Bill – No Vote

I recommend a NO vote for the FAA privatization bill being offered at the House. Please contact your local representatives in both houses to oppose such bill. Even though I believe that the private industry May do a better job in certain government regulated work‚ I do not believe that this is the case where it would do a better job than the existing FAA as presently regulated now. Here are the facts: This bill will transfer air traffic control to a “Non-Profit” Board that will be controlled by the airlines. The airlines are the major problem related to traffic


Boycotting and Sabottaging Republicans – Old Communists Actions Repeating

What is going on today is so similar to the actions the 1950s Communist Youth and Communist Women organizations did during the cold war in the 1950s that reminds me of my experiences in Cuba. Organizations attacking town hall meetings by a few Republicans who are being targeted are using the same tactics. They bring “saboteurs” to those meetings so they can boo and yell and not allow speakers to speak. It is not democracy with real questions and responses; it is a major attack to those local politicians being targeted. I would suggest to those who will be doing


Termination of the Cubans Refugee Program by Obama – Part I

Obama‚ just a few days of the release of power‚ announced a hidden agreement with Castro to stop the entrance of Cuban refugees by land. This program was called the wet feet dry feet program promulgated by Bill Clinton during his administration. The program was created to return to Cuba those who did not reach the shores of the United States. On the other hand‚ those who reached land or came through borders like Mexico or Canada were allowed refugee status. According to Obama’s administration officials‚ this immediate order will force young educated Cubans to stay in Cuba thus helping the government in



In our recent trip‚ we found details of how the citizens of the European countries are being driven by fear and economic sanctions to accept the new wave of “refugees” coming from third world countries. This is a fact that we do not see in the United States of America nor in Mexico and other Latin American countries. We do hear rumors and scattered reports of only the major “newsworthy” events like those related to mass murder being committed by Muslim terrorists. On the other hand‚ very few details of life in Europe for their citizens. The “main media” in


EUROPEAN SOCIALISM FAILING – Details of Fact Finding Trip

We recently spent a tour of several European Countries in a fact finding trip for this blog and to inform the American public as well as the Latin American public of the realities of such a failed system. Even though the words communism or communist societies are no longer used due to their failure in Russia as well as other communist countries‚ the ideals of a society that can be run by a few and the rest work for the system or get “free benefits” from such system still plague many countries. A powerful group of politicians and backed by the main


“Panama Papers"> Noticias Argentina – Protección Relacionada con Panama Papers

Las ultimas noticias en Argentina es que el gobierno ha establecido un proceso para perdonar (pagando ciertos impuestos) a aquellos que han sacado sus ganancias y las han puesto en Suiza‚ Panama u otros llamados “tax havens.” Como hemos venido predicando por varios años‚ el poner su dinero en estos lugares es ponerlos en la boca del lobo. Porque ir a donde van los criminales‚ los extorsionistas de gobiernos y otros que tienen que esconder sus ganancias por ser ilegal como los de las drogas es garantizar auditorias y penalidades. A parte de esto‚ los formadores de empresas en estos


THE PANAMA PAPERS – Safe Alternatives

It has been several months for the publication of the famous “Panama Papers” where some crooked government officials and mafiosos have been discovered. Unfortunately for other business leaders‚ actors and actresses‚ and other famous people who used the system for protection have also fallen into the extreme auditing and possible criminal violations related to these processes. Recent news indicate that the U.S.A. and other governments are commencing the indictments of those who violated tax and reporting laws. The first group will be those using the Swiss banks and other associated banks. Our research also indicates that there are major investigations