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It is a shame that many Latino specially Mexicans who come legally (or illegally and became legal) to the United States of America and continue to use the same approach of surviving as they did in their countries. Selling tacos selling pots selling anything that brings very little money and it is never enough to support themselves.

They miss the real world that the U.S.A. is a country well protected for the workers. Working for any company (called corporate world or any other name) does provide the needed benefits for a life that allows a working person to buy a house to buy cars to provide well being for their families not being millionaires. In order to accomplish that they must work full time as no company is obligated to provide all the benefits unless you are a full time employee.

The laws in all states and Federal laws mandate that the full time employees must be given all the benefits that are mandated: one-half of their social security contributions state disability workers compensation benefits for injured employees (also available to part-timers) and others benefits. Employers who provide health insurance to themselves must provide plans for their employees and discrimination cannot be used.

True no one becomes a millionaire or very wealthy working for a company but if you look around your friends who own homes have cars have boats enjoy paid vacations provide good education for their kids provide good health insurance for their families you will see how well they live. Most important when they get to their 50s and have contributed to pension plans they know that when they retire they will have additional income beside social security.

There are several rules of business that have been provided through the years and they are absolutely right:

Sales Job or Businesses

If you are not supporting yourself after six months on any sales business you will never make it and will continue to enrich those in the top. This is normally true for pyramid style companies like Avon Mary Kay Herbalife Life Shield and many others. Motivation speakers are always used to help the people continue on their efforts. Those speakers are getting paid large sums so they can continue attracting sellers and supervisors. The top people in those companies become wealthy as long as they have an army of well wishers who make a few sales and contract other supervisors or managers. If 100000 people sale two sales per month they make good profits. True those selling are basically getting scraps.

By the way motivation speakers have been used for generations; it is not new. They are paid to promote the company and the product and to get more sales people. It is similar to those mega churches who are operated by extremely good speakers pastors. If you research all the major mega churches they are run by motivation speakers that make people pray cry and give money to the church. I am not saying that they do not follow their believes but they do collect millions of dollars when they preach. It is the same approach used by motivation speakers with other organizations.

Many successful entrepreneurs who succeeded in bringing new products make more money now given seminars where they charge per person. They are basically motivation speakers promoting their views for big money.

Again if you are not supporting yourself after six months of sales you should consider a full time job someplace else with benefits. You do not want to get to be 60 years old without an almost paid for house a good retirement plan for your retired years.

Some people get a job at Insurance Companies to sell their product. Normally they make less commission that the independent sales people but on the other hand they get basic salaries and benefits. Not everyone is a natural born sales person so it is best to get a real job at a company for less commission but at least a guaranteed income and benefits.

Apart from my experience in sales for over 15 years I have seen the kids that grew with my daughter that got into the insurance sales business and have done very well. Most of them began as agents for the insurance company and once successful became brokers for themselves. It take a few years of successful sales in order to be independent.


I have seen the dreams of young people to become very wealthy and end living poorly and on scraps and handouts. They fail to realize that a real job with benefits makes less but they can have many things we all want in life: have a nice house have a nice car have a good education for your kids have a good health plan for your familys protection.

The statistics are there and they do not change much through the years:

If your are not successful in business by age 4 try something else.                                          Almost 80% of businesses fail.                                                                                                                 Unless you have your own capital to start a good business you will fail; most people who use other peoples capital (called investors) loose all they have and the investors money too.            If your are not a person who invented a new product on your own very good in sports or a natural singer your chances of becoming wealthy are very poor.                                                             Follow the advice of those with lots of experience and not the dreams of others like you.   Wealthy investors do not place their money in the hands of inexperienced and those that offer nothing but dreams.                                                                                                                                Today most companies and business people do research (including Google) to locate where the promoters are located. Just because you have a beautiful web-page does not cut it anymore. Major companies do lots of research related to the providers and those they deal with in their businesses.                                                                                                                                                  Many other dreamers are sitting in jail talking about their accomplishments on how they screwed themselves getting into illegal businesses like drugs money laundering and other crimes.

DO NOT BE A FOOL AND OPEN YOUR EYES. GET A J.O.B. for your well being and happy family if you have not made it in business in six months or so.

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