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’s Decision to Open Relations"> Cuba – Obamas Decision to Open Relations

The news that the Obamas Administration has suddenly decided to open relations with the Communist Cuban government has taken everyone by surprise. Many are very upset and others believe it is about time.

One part that is extremely important is what effect such move will have on the people who live there. It May bring economic benefits as more money will be flowing into the country. On the other hand the Cuba officials are already claiming no changes towards democracy and that they will continue with the failed communist doctrines.

Would the free world have accepted Hitler and the Nazi philosophy if such were the events today? Are we willing to benefit a dictatorship that will receive extra money to continue oppressing its people if we do it in the name of helping the Cubans in Cuba?



We should not benefit dictatorships who oppress their people just because we believe that some Cubans will benefit economically.

True the economic embargo has not worked because Cuba continues to do business with Canada Latin America countries and European countries. These countries have given credit for Cuba to continue doing business. In exchange these countries have received sugar and have been authorized to do business in Cuba and take profits out of the country.

Yes I am in favor of dropping the economic embargo like many other Cuban born people. On the other hand giving a free way for such military and forced dictatorship to continue oppressing its people should not part of the deal.

Shame on Obama to give up on the international effort for humans rights and to support such an enemy of the United States all for political reasons. 

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