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Drug Legal Cartels – Beware

When you have a combination of hungry executives and hungry sales force it is trouble for the consumer and the country. The pharmaceutical industry that has always been in the vanguard of creating life savings drugs has now fallen into the hands of those hungry administrators and the executives selling them through their staff.

Recently we are finding out how politicians and former pharmaceutical executives have fallen into the greed of becoming wealthy regardless of the resulting drug addiction being created through the health industry mostly through doctors and hospitals. Most opioids causing an epidemic addiction problem have been prescribed by doctors and pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.

The opioids epidemic was not created by low class drug cartels. It has been created by the greed of those well paid and well dressed executives who pray on the greed of hospital and clinic administrators. They have been pushing opioids for pain medication regardless of the addiction rate that is common in many states. They push the pain medication like the drug dealers provide free drugs to the beginning drug user. Unfortunately they are dressed in suits and deal with the upper educated middle class that is willing to participate on the income they receive.

It is true that many health care administrators have seen the danger but they actually try to hide the amount of addiction they have created. Always in the name of helping the poor and creating the looks of charitable organizations they make policy decisions for the doctors who work for them. They use latinos blacks and other disadvantaged poor people to be the receivers of such addiction and money making. If they get caught they blame the doctors who prescribed those pain medications.

Be aware we must keep a watchful eye on those white collar drug dealers. We cannot let the addiction continue and have the tax payer pay for the cleaning up. Class action demands against those people should be pursued. Lets take their profits and get it back to the federal agencies who paid for such abuse.

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