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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Privatization Bill – No Vote

I recommend a NO vote for the FAA privatization bill being offered at the House. Please contact your local representatives in both houses to oppose such bill.

Even though I believe that the private industry May do a better job in certain government regulated work I do not believe that this is the case where it would do a better job than the existing FAA as presently regulated now. Here are the facts:

  1. This bill will transfer air traffic control to a Non-Profit Board that will be controlled by the airlines.
  2. The airlines are the major problem related to traffic control. The facts are that most of the problems with the system is in the North-East corner of the county and such problems are related to the following airlines extreme busy scheduling.
  3. The FAA and Congress have moved into a sophisticated electronic control of traffic and it is being phased in. Guess what the airlines have not and still are fighting not to install those devices in their fleet.
  4. General aviation in this country has been beneficial to small businesses as well as being an alternate form of transportation for small companies and for pleasure. Allowing for a private Board to enforce the rules and to charge for it will basically destroy our ability and reduce the general aviation with excessive fees as it has been proven in Europe and Australia. Only millionaires can afford to pay the fees so general aviation will be taken away from the common working person and given only to the millionaires.
  5. The Federal government is in charge of the interest of everyone (corporations individuals the public) related to National Security and Interstate Commerce. We cannot give that responsibility to those who are there only for a profit.

All of these failures so they can make a higher profit regardless of security of the skies. Airlines are only interested on the bottom line of their profits

What we are facing today is not just corporate greed. Corporations as well as any other business must make a profit. The problems we see today is the greed of the executives that translate into illegal and damaging actions against the consumer as well against their own employees. We have seen what took place with Wells Fargo recently.

We should not allow the wolf to run the chicken farm. Ask your representative to vote No on such privatization bill now in Congress.

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