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‚ Castro Stalin and other Dictators"> Hate – Hate Being Promoted by Extremists Following Hitler Castro Stalin and other Dictators

We have seen a major main media attack on the Trump administration. All he is doing is being attacked. Even though many of us do not like him he was chosen as our president by the working class of America and we must disagree but respect him.

We have seen a major attack on the rights of liberals to express their opinion as well as the right of conservatives to do likewise.

Propaganda machines established by the main media with whatever method they use. A year ago all the advertising for what people can get from the government was labelled: Obama can give you Now they do the same but indicate it is Congress (not Trump).

The majority of Democrats and liberals are not extremists. The majority of Republicans an conservatives are not extremists. But the extremist groups have high jacked both parties in order to pursue their hate propagation.

Dictators like Hitler Mussolini Stalin Castro Chavez and many others have used hate among classes to drive their countries into war and destruction. They have used hate to promote their ideals regardless of the results. Look at the history of the world and you will see the same approach to drive the masses. Creating hate give them the opportunity to pass legislation or to force the country into their failed policies.

Lets stop such hate promoting among ourselves. Yes most workers and small business people are not extremists. The majority in both the Democrats and Republicans favor a middle point where we can all participate and benefit. Hate and division makes money for the millionaires driving the extremist groups. Lets stop it now.

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