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Welcome to Latino Law and Politics!

This website is dedicated to open discussion on social‚ political and legal issues surrounding the Hispanic population in the United States. Latinos‚ or Hispanic-Americans‚ have a long and rich history in the United States. Our presence here is often confused and misunderstood by many Americans and even by many Hispanic-Americans themselves. Unfortunately‚ in today’s society and politics‚ we‚ the Latinos or Hispanic Americans‚ are being used as a weapon by politicians to attack the other political parties and to gain economic benefits from the federal‚ state and local government using us as a shield and excuse‚ but actually not following


MEXICAN DRUG WAR Part II – Mexico Has Two Governments in Action

Presently‚ Mexico has two governments acting in the Federal‚ State and Municipal levels. One is the long established government with all the corruption that has plagued the country since its birth. The second one is the underground government of the Cartels that control many municipalities‚ state governments and even federal agencies in combination with the corrupted officials. I‚ as a USA raised Hispanic (some call me Gringo)‚ normally compare these governments with our philosophy and learnings in the United States of America. It is my believe that the differences are based on how the Hispanic countries were colonized and how the United States of


Mexican Drug War – Reality Check Part I (Eye witness account – El Chapo Guzman Capture)

While expending almost one month in Sinaloa and being just six blocks away from the firefight that took el Chapo Guzman prisoner by the Mexican Navy Marines‚ I decided to explore more details of the facts and real life in this part of Mexico that is the heart of the Sinaloa cartel. I will break this article in several parts. The local understanding in Los Mochis‚ Sinaloa‚ where we arenow‚ and where el Chapo was arrested is different that what is portrayed by the Mexican president. The actual facts that we witnessed and details of the arrest clearly indicates that is was a


‚ Executions History"> Espionage Executions History

Espionage<span style=‚ Executions History" />

I have published a book in English called “Saga and Tribulations by a Cuban Refugee.” It is published through Amazon Kindle digital. It brings actual experiences of the Communist Revolution‚ the almost holocaust during the Kennedy blockade of Russians ships‚ Kennedy’s assassination and more. Actual experiences and history. Spanish version coming up soon.


Employed versus Self Employed – Information

Most foreigners are not familiar with our social systems of protection for the employees and the benefits automatically given to them. Others (typically from the Middle East and Russia)‚ come to this country to abuse some of those systems. Those employed are obligated to make contributions from payroll as follows: Social Security –  Employers pay half and employee pays  the other half (a percent of payroll). Self employed must pay the full amount into Social Security. It is a percent of gross salary that is paid into the system. State Disability – Unemployment –  This is paid by employees and after


SOCIAL SECURITY – Information and Understanding

Social Security has been in the news often during political debates and the election cycle. Many‚ including politicians‚ do not understand it well. The following is a brief explanation with emphasis on those new to the country who do not understand its benefit: Social Security is received (in most cases) only if you make contributions to the Social Security through employment deductions from payroll (employer pays half) or in case of self employed individuals by direct contribution (full amount). You must make contributions to be able to use it. In most cases you must pay into it for the last 10 years


’s Decision to Open Relations"> Cuba – Obamas Decision to Open Relations

The news that the Obama’s Administration has suddenly decided to open relations with the Communist Cuban government has taken everyone by surprise. Many are very upset and others believe it is about time. One part that is extremely important is what effect such move will have on the people who live there. It May bring economic benefits as more money will be flowing into the country. On the other hand‚ the Cuba officials are already claiming no changes towards democracy and that they will continue with the failed communist doctrines. Would the free world have accepted Hitler and the Nazi


Cuba Today. Cubans Finding Reality

I have been canvassing and researching details from many Cubans who have never been to the United States and have left Cuba. It is interesting that all of those I have interviewed give me the same response related to the reality of living in Cuba which is not published by the general media. Here are facts: Health Care: The famously advertised first rate Cuban health care is only available to those who pay with foreign insurance or for the foreigners who pay with dollars or euros. Cubans do not get such health care and they must go to other health


Mexico – Hacienda – IVA – Empresas

El proceso de Hacienda Mexicana cobrando el 16% IVA a negociantes y compradores sigue aumentando con promesas de enforzarlo mucho mas fuerte en contra de empresas pequeñas (menos de 50 empleados). El miedo de estos dueños de empresas y de otros que tienen fondos depositados en los EEUU es de la auditoria por agentes corruptos de Hacienda lo cual trae por seguro el cobro de mordidas y perdida de bienes de dichos empresarios y depositantes. Esto ha sido programado por el gobierno de Mexico y en cooperacion del I.R.S. Americano el cual paso regulaciones en el 2011 para pasarle informacion



Just looking at the news today makes me feel uneasy and unhappy to see how the “socialist revolution” in Venezuela is taking the country into economic disaster and following the steps of Cuba as well as many European countries. They are creating another monarchy where just a few live well while the rest of the country struggles to survive. History has proven that countries who have embraced that kind of socialism have become a paradise for those in power by creating hate against those people who make countries grow economically. Small businesses do create jobs and create competition that is


Are Politicians Getting Worse than Before? Is the Social Media Helping?

Sometimes we wonder if the politicians are getting worse than years back and whether the “Chicago style” corruption is permeating our political arena everywhere. We see the present news about the candidate for Mayor of New York and the actual Mayor of San Diego who are both proven sexual deviates either trying to be elected with a blind support group or trying to hold on to power. Maybe I am being naive and it has always happened‚ but now‚ the open and fast communications through electronic media we find out more details than before and also faster than before. There is