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Latinos in the US

Latinos and their families are mistakenly taken as a race instead of a nationality. The fact is that among these groups who emigrated from different countries in the Western Hemisphere there are caucasians blacks native indians asians and other races. We also have different native languages even though Spanish is the most used language. People from Brazil speak Portuguese; those from Haiti speak French. Hispanics also speak Chinese Hebrew Arabic (most I have seen are Lebanese) and other languages.

The majority of the Latinos are typically hard-working family oriented individuals which is the core that this great country of the United States of America was built upon. We practice different religions with Christianity being the majority. It is not uncommon to see Latinos who speak Hebrew; descendants of Jewish Latinos that came to the Latin-American country during WWII to flee the Nazis.

We have a large population of newcomers or first generation Latinos who are not well educated and come to work in the fields. On the other hand we also have a very large group of well educated people who came fleeing political or religious persecution from their countries or wanting to have the chance to evolve and properly support their families.

Most of us left our countries because something there we did not like.

3 Responses to Latinos in the US

  1. Concerned Latina says:

    Again even in good faith good people assume all Mexicans are brown and do not realize that we are not a race we are a nationality. There are so called brown people from many countries.

    If we do not call the Irish of the French or the Israelis a race we should not call the Latinos a race. The French the Italians and the Israelis also have quite a few brown faces.


    • Jas says:

      There as a madness in favor and against immigration reform. Both sides are right up to a point and they seem to be attacking each other instead of resolving the issue. It also appears that the extremists in each group are using the arguments to attack the other side.

      We should stop attacking each other and work on a solution.

      Yes the unions and most of those who lost their jobs are against giving the illegal aliens a chance to become legal. They do have a point being concerned regarding the possible jobsbeing taken by the illegals. On the other hand the illegals who are working (most of them) are mostly doing jobs that most people are not willing to take so they are not really taking jobs away from those who are now unemployed.

      This fact is being used by well meaning Latinos to attack the other side instead of helping for them to understand the realities being presented. The ones opposing the legalization are the majority of the voters so we cannot force them by attacking them and calling them bias.

      All we see in the media is hate being promoted by both sides. Such hate will never bring a solution to the immigration problem.

      Lets educate people to understand the necessity of reform.

  2. Jack says:

    Another aspect of what is discussed above is that as a non-Latino I as well as several others whom I know tend to classify all of the brown race as Mexican without regard to the different Latin American countries who they individually call their home. As a result it can lead one to think and be viewed with some sort of prejudice which can lead to further discrimination. I have found that the majority of Lations to be hard working and with good family values which they (parents) impart to their children.

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