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Latinos Registering Republican Why? – Second

Viewing the previous blog of Hispanics Registering Republican for 201 and comments it is interesting how highly educated people fall into to the assumption that the only source of information is by reading the media reports and looking at the polls conducted in college campuses and other high education places as well as the established Hispanics networks that are controlled by Democrats.

Yes they are well intended but fail to go to the barrios and talk to the working middle class and those struggling to make a living working. You need to talk to those who do not have college degrees and those who are not union members as well as those who are union members that are being taken for granted as Democrats.

The majority of Hispanics not living in the East Coast major cities also fit the category of hard-working Americans with deep family values and working habits that they see in the Republican party members.

We need to look at that silent majority that is tired of being stereotyped into Democrat followers and unable to make their voice apart from what the main media claims.

Hispanics want to have a voice in the politics of the country and now see the opportunity to join the group that also has their same family and work habits as well as religious believes.

Latinos are discovering that the majority of the Republicans do have those values but are stereotyped into the millionaire club. They are waking up to see the real hard-working middle class worker and small business person who believe in family work ethics and to support freedom of religion and believes that makes most of the Republican party.

At the same time Latinos are being stereotyped by the extreme left as being uneducated and easy to manipulate.

It is clear that Independents have seen the rhetoric of what I call chameleons (change colors according to the audience). Many of the Democrats in power are blue when they talk to the blues green when they talk to the greens yellow when they talk to the yellows and red when they talk to the reds.

Hispanics/Latinos prefer those candidates who are true to their believes but are willing to accept other believes without deceiving the voters or compromising their values.

The typical example is the immigration reform being proposed and needed for the country to properly prosper without hurting our workers.

Elected Democrats are elected by contributions from the unions. They claim to be in favor of immigration reform and support the legalization of millions of illegals now working in the country while in reality they vote against it so they can satisfy the unions who are against such immigration reform and legalization.

It is a reality that the last president to really push for immigration and got it passed was President Reagan and it was supported by the majority of the Republicans in congress. It is also a reality that immigration reform was supported by President Bush but defeated by a Democratic controlled congress.

It is also a reality that most of the Civil Rights laws were passed by Republican presidents and most of the Republican members of Congress.

Hispanics are no longer accepting slogans and lies promoted by the Democrats against the Republicans. By joining the Republican party they believe that they can effectively convey the needs of the Hispanic population to the whole country.

We Latinos do not want class warfare as being promoted by the Democrats. There is no need to create hate for those who create jobs. On the contrary we should be proud of those who make it and give the opportunity for all to improve our economic ability without welfare and begging for scraps.

3 Responses to Latinos Registering Republican Why? – Second

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  2. Independent Latino says:

    Yes we are very sick of the present administration and elected Democrats blaming what they call the rich for the problems we now have and continue to have regarding the economy and employment.

    Trying to create class warfare between those who are used to entitlements (even if they do not need them) and against those who work hard and are successful is what Castro Chavez Hitler Mussolini and other dictators promoted to the classes in order to maintain control.


    • Working Professional says:

      It is unfortunately that the Democrats and the present administration are using the same tactics used by unscrupulous politicians; they are trying to create class warfare by blaming all the so called rich people who make over $250k per year.

      Most of these hard working Americans have made it to such income level by working very hard and sacrificing time often away from family so they can provide a better opportunity in life for their families.

      If you look at the real issue is not to take from the so called rich to give to those who do not have it or have not been able to do it. We should concentrate in allowing those middle class workers to earn enough to be able to provide the same benefits for their family.

      Most of the small business people branded as millonaires by the Democrats are hard working Americans who provide almost 70% of the jobs in the country. DO NOT DESTROY THEM BY TAXING THEM TO BANKRUPTCY. WE DO NOT WANT A SOCIALIST SOCIETY THAT HAS FAILED IN EVERY COUNTRY THAT HAS BEEN TRIED.

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