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We are now getting information and propaganda in the news. Manafort  and other people being prosecuted for tax evasion and Russian РUkrainian money laundering. At this point I am looking forward to prosecution of those who violated the law.

On the other hand the facts are always twisted and opinions are inserted trying to place the emphasis on the Trump campaign. So far I have not seen any factual basis that associate the violation of the law with the Trump campaign. Again the main media creating a frontal attack on a president that they do not like.

In my opinion any political party that tries to get damaging information against the other candidate is not illegal. In fact it is the best way to inform the voting public of the faults of other candidates. Agreeing to receive such information is not illegal if such information has already been discovered whether by Wiki Leaks the Russians the Chinese or disgruntled members of such opposing party.

If the gathering of such information was done illegally the gatherers should be prosecuted; those receiving it should not. The Trump campaign nor the Clinton campaign should be prosecuted for receiving damaging information from the opposing side. Otherwise we will have to prosecute all the media people who publish such information regardless of the timing.

Let the chips fall on those who violated the law. Hopefully the full investigation will also bring the facts of all the illegal activities by the greedy and unethical Clinton people.


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